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Hello everyone how I can change this ?

I would like to add an icon , I will add a link , I would like to add to add a name.Thank you to all
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you can do it at Profiles
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An icon before the name ?
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@KTV2 wrote:An icon before the name ?

yes  like toI would make changes:
- Add entries
- Icons before the name
- change the name
but I do not know the codes to be entered

@Kelvin_Kingleon wrote:you can do it at Profiles

where exactly ?  thanks to all of you Gentiles
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icons before the name:
a[href="/u1"]:before {content: url(http://i24.servimg.com/u/f24/13/54/69/46/admin11.gif);}
please paste it in css
if you want to make icon before the other member, please change
change the name you can do at :
add a entries:
my english is bad. sorry :)
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Go to Profile (/u1 or ....)
Hover to the name of field
Inspect element and see that class of the field is field_id-21 (this is my example)
Open new tab
Go to Admin Panel
Go to CSS and use this CSS
#field_id-21:before {
    content: url(http://illiweb.com/fa/prosilver/icon_contact_fb.gif);
    float: left;
You can edit the class of field and edit image
Change the name
Go to ACP => Users & Groups => Profiles => Contact Field => Click of Facebook => Change the name
Bạn Kelvin chỉ sai rồi, cái đó chỉ áp dụng cho username thôi nhé
Sorry, my English very awful
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excuse does not work my version invision

where should I enter?


question: in the template there are these lyrics? Thanks for Everything excuse the disorder
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